Monday, June 11, 2007

The Beagles are very sad

over a melt down and contract dispute with our OLD website company!

Seems the previously nice folks at myonline neighborhood, where we used to be the sponsor of mydowntownlasvegas. com , doesn't like what we're doing here at VeryVintageVegas.

They took my money for years, and couldn't even be bothered to tell me they had a problem with VeryVintageVegas. So they just shut us out of using their service.

That means we are scrambling for a new place to host our listings, the FSBO's, and the links to the MLS. We'll have it permanantly fixed by the end of the week. Temporarily, we're posting each listing as a post, and a clickable link to it in the left hand column.

Sorry for the speed bump they threw in our path, but we are committed to telling the world that Vintage Vegas is where its happening! We're full speed ahead, even if we need new shocks after this little setback.

And the beagles are sad because it was the last place on line I was still using their picture. I'm posting it here for posterity! Gotta keep them happy, or they'll eat the sofa again!

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