Monday, June 11, 2007

Making V3 better every day!

Are you as excited about Vintage Vegas as Ben & Steve are? We're happy to report that we finally figured out how to make our photos open in a new window, so from here on out, all of our pictures should open a new tab or window when you click on them so you don't get bumped off the site when you go to look closer.

Thanks to Mark Thompson, one of our friends & readers for pointing out this simple fix to make our site a better experience for all of you. To give it a try, click the photo of Ben & Steve having a great time at this month's First Friday!

As you all know, we're extremely busy getting ready to host this Saturday's party that you're all invited to. After this weekend we'll be making efforts to go back through our hundreds of posts and correct the code so all of our photos will eventually operate the same way. We'll keep you updated. If you have any feedback or ideas on how to make the site better, please just leave us a comment or shoot us an email. Thanks!

(note from unclejack....Steve knows how to do, but I don't. If anyone knows how to make blogger do this automatically (open pix in a new window that is) PLEASE let us know. In the meanwhile...Steve needs to fix the pictures. )

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