Saturday, June 16, 2007

couldn't help myself

Went to Mark and Ted's on St. Jude Circle to pick up the popcorn machine for the party. I found a whole new color scheme on their house. Antique Red and teal trim. Looking Great.
They tell me the lawn's being replaced with xeroscape for their next project.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Jack! What a FABULOUS party at Ben Nation's home! We all had a great time!! Thanks so much for a great "swaray" (sp?)! Glad our popcorn machine helped out! Correction on our house colors. The eaves were painted a "tope" color. They look beige/tan to me, but all I know is they look SO much better than the awful stark white that they were! And Ted says the regular walls of the house are called "La Fonda Red". And I thought they were "Antique Red"! And although we plan to do some serious landscaping and cleaning up in the front, I doubt it'll be xeroscape! Our babies (PITS!) would be heartbroken if we removed their little bit of grass there!! Have a great week!!! Mark Thompson

Anonymous said...

OK...Correction... Ted tells me the color is "La Fonda Antique Red." Geez, it sounds so snooty!! ;)