Monday, June 4, 2007

look what we found under the carpet!

Just about the only place you'll find crawl spaces under the homes (and sometimes even a basement) is in downtown pre 1960 homes. If it's got a crawl space, it probably has REAL hardwood floors.

You might remember this home as the "dump of the week" a few weeks ago. We didn't show any interior shots then, but trust me, the interior was just as cram packed with junk as the exterior was. .
These floors are about to be sanded and refinished. One of our clients will have this 3/2 clean, fresh and ready for a new buyer in just a few weeks. Cleaning up this property >will merge 2 clusters of very nice homes The combined cluster will now be about 10 homes. We'll let you know when it's ready. The price will be less than 250k.
If you like hardwood and a truly original one owner home with ORIGINAL baths and kitchen that haven't been changed, there's a beauty on Sweeney Ave., across from John S. Park Elementary.


Stephen P. Christmas said...

Actually, Jack.. there are some basements out in Southern Highlands.. if you want to live waaaaay out that way.. in a cookie cutter Mc'tiny-lot' mansion. :p

Edaline said...

Great work.