Monday, June 25, 2007

So why was Uncle Jack in Summerlin, you ask?

because he sold a new home to ANDREW MARTIN who's running for congress in the third congressional district.

Andrew's only regret is that Vintage Vegas is NOT in the 3rd district. He's lived on the west side for 2 years, but would have preferred one of our classic vintage homes. We think he'd make a great congressman because he's an accountant and NOT a lawyer.

Please don't mistake our website as a political blog. As we mentioned in the comments on Paco's initial blog, this site is here to educate, showcase, and network around the Vintage Vegas homes, neighborhoods, commerce & people. It just so happens that one of our many satisfied clients and friends is running for Congress. We like to see all of our friends & clients get as much exposure as possible for their ventures, be they political, commercial, or community oriented. If you have a business, or goal that you would like exposed to our viewers, contact

And, of course we'd love to have you promote us to your friends, family, & co-workers that are looking for great representation in real estate & finance!

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