Monday, June 25, 2007

Infamous disrepair

On the way back from Summerlin, I zigged when I usually zag and lo and behold, someone was standing in the driveway of one of the MYSTERY MID MODS on Rancho just south of Charleston!

I've been wanting to see inside for YEARS, and at least finally got into one of them.

There's lots of great features as you can see, but the prize is the round wrought iron gazebo awning in the back yard.

They're slowly working their way thru the house, and hope to work on the front this fall when it cools off.

The other one is at the corner of Rancho and Mason. Folded Roof, great lines and a really bad shed roof pop out bay window that I certainly hope will be removed one day, or at least made to look like it belongs on the house.

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