Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seen and heard at the Kathy Augustine Auction

The Steinbergs were there and got interviewed by the press since they lived in the home from 79 to 90. Karl Hammargren was shopping for Dad Lonnie. Mostly, he tells me he was after a coin collection of Nevada Comparatives. Our own Ben Nation was after some Casino Memorabilia, but bidding got past his limit much too quickly for his taste.

About 2 dozen press people, including David Schwartz from the RJ who I spoke to briefly (we're always running into each other at City Council meetings) and hundreds of the very people from all over the valley who we are trying to encourage to see how cool Vintage Vegas is. And of course the security guard that made me stop taking pictures.

I spoke to a good dozen people who had no idea that they weren't going to some gang infested, crime ridden trashy neighborhood downtown. Who have you told lately? I bet your friends and co-workers don't know either!

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