Sunday, June 24, 2007

So many different patterns

Got to thinking about decorative screening with patterned concrete blocks. It was a real popular way to let the light in, and keep the neighbors from prying. They made their own architectural statement, as well as serving a useful (usually) and decorative function.

my favorite is the brick redish 2 story column on the apartment building on Rexford Drive south of Oakey. If you have a favorite among these, cast a vote in the comments. You can do it anonymously of course, but why not create a screenname for yourself and become a "regular"? See, no one knows who UncleJack is!

In just a 15 minute drive thru downtown Vintage Vegas, I found this many patterns, styles, looks and uses. I didn't even get to Paradise Palms or the McNeil or any of the west side VVV neighborhoods to look for more. (but I will and of course if you have a favorite or unique one you can always help by contributing a photo to VVV by email ).
Which of course begs the question..... Does anyone know a stash of old block? or a source of new block? Any entrepreneurs out there that think there might be a market since it seems every home in Vintage Vegas is being restored or remodelled?
Only remember ever seeing 2 or 3 patterns at HD/LOWES.


Anonymous said...

I do like your choice-- very Oriental! I like the two that serve as fences, also the next to the last one with its circles! These are blocks you would NEVER find at a big-box store!

Coo said...

Love the "modern" design of the last one, bottom right with the circles. Ah! The future!

Stephen P. Christmas said...

Personally, I'm all about the swiss cheese 2nd from the bottom. :)

Anonymous said...

Our house is the second from the top (545 Bonita)...just WAIT until we paint it red! Stop by in a week for a new picture!!!

Bill and lauren