Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Very Vintage Vegas goes to New York!

Well, New York New York, anyway. You can't do this in the suburbs! I've been in town (if Anthem counts as 'in town') for almost 2 years now, & believe it or not I haven't ridden a single roller coaster. I love 'em, but every time I'm down on the Strip now, it seems to be for a particular purpose & with out much time for random fun.

Finally last night my girlfriend & I made some time to go play tourist, with no other objective than enjoying Las Vegas Blvd. I loved the 'Manhattan Express' ride at the New York New York. Enough speed & g-force to throw a grin on my face, and well worth the short wait.

As I drove the 1/2+ hour home, I couldn't help but envy Jack & Ben who both live right in the middle of everything, just minutes from the Strip. When it's convenient, I think playing spontaneous tourist can be such a good time. I can't wait to move down here, save hundreds a month on gas, and really just have a way better lifestyle right down in the mix of everything cool that happens in our urban core.

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