Monday, June 18, 2007

another huge crop of party photos

This picture was about 11:30pm as the VVV team was finally colapsing, and the remaining guests were all close friends.

Didn't want to eat up too much front page real estate, so I stuck them all the way at the bottom of the march archive, but give a click to see more.


And while doing all the picture posting, I just discovered that this is post number 301 of Very Vintage Vegas. Getting to 300 was a milestone I missed, but now we're on our way to 400.

If you're new to VVV, and haven't been reading them as we go, take some time to look thru them. There's some amusing items. Some beautiful homes, some ugly ones. Some great yard art, some real eyesores. Some of the posts were time sensitive, and others are timeless. Theres some excellent educational ones, some good rants and complaints, and I hardly remember what else after 300 posts.

And starting tomorrow, we're back to posting as usual what ever we see, feel, meet, do, discover, or whatever in and around Vintage Vegas. Your suggestions, comments, complaints and discoveries are always welcome. Sincerely, Uncle Jack

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