Thursday, June 7, 2007

What A great dinner, and my car didn't blow up!

I went to Tony Roma's on Sahara and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Little did I know I had parked my car right in the vicinity of where Lefty Rosenthal had his car bomb incident. Oct. 4 1982 Lefty started is Cadillac Eldorado at 8:30 pm when the car burst into flames. He was saved by the steel plate under his seat.

I also noticed a hidden second story on the building. When I asked the management, I was told that in the old days, there were "meeting rooms" upstairs . I can only imagine what decisions were made on top of the restaurant. If anybody was there the night of the car bombing or in the area, Please email me

Tony Roma's grand remodel
Our own Tyrus in the famed parking spot

A 1982 police photo of the car.

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