Friday, July 27, 2007

Last nights Dust storm and Thunderstorm that wasn't

About 7:30 pm, the wind picked up and kept on building. Within a minute, first from the front window and then from the front yard.....DOWNTOWN DISAPPEARS! Normally I can see the Federal Courthouse, SoHo and Newport Lofts and the skeleton of Streamline tower from my kitchen window, and those plus Fitgeralds, and the El Cortez depending on where you stand in the front yard.

But tonight for about 1/2 an hour right before dusk there was NADA.

When it cleared enough for me to see Streamline tower I noticed that the crane I normally see towering above the building was gone from the top. I jumped in the car, thinking I'd see some major wind damage, and except for the torn plastic sheathing, there was nothing to see. They must have folded the crane just as the winds were coming up.

I checked the local and weather channels right before I drove to go Streamline. They said Thunderstorm warning, and not a drop or a flash or a boom anywhere I looked. I Guess Downtown dodged a good one.

I did a post a few months ago called "view from my window" and never got any response from the readers to send me "view from THEIR window". So.. I'll put it out there again. (please put "view from my window" in the subject line.) In that post you can see the buildings on a clear May Morning.

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