Friday, July 27, 2007

My Favorite Radio Station in Vintage Vegas...

Just gave me an I-pod! I always loved the playlists they've got over at Area 108 and now I love 'em even more. Turns out their studio is right in our neighborhood, on Desert Inn between Eastern & Pecos.. so, geographically they're a part of what we're doing!

They're giving away more I-pods every day, all summer long, & if you're super lucky, your winning phone call will enter you into a drawing from all the winners to get a new I-Phone & a $500.00 gift certificate to Apple's I-Tunes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Here's a picture of Carli from Area 107.9 & I with my new toy! (as always you can click the picture to see it in a new window full size)

Check out the details of the contest if you want one too & enjoy their great music. Support anything and everything cool going on in our area!!! Clicking this picture will take you to their promotions site rather than a larger picture.

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