Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another important issue affecting our vintage neighborhoods

PACO forwarded me the following email. I've already spoken against it at City council, and do not believe that the the "NEON" project and stadium that is so VAGUELY PROPOSED for west of Main Street and South of Charleston is anything that could be anything even remotely good for our Vintage Neighborhoods.

There's a gaming commission hearing Wednesday on the subject of expanding gaming into that area.

Subject: WEDNESDAY, JULY 25th, 1 pm. Save the ARTS DISTRICT & our neighborhoods!

Please attend the Review Panel hearing of the Gaming Policy Committee. This hearing will determine if gaming can be expanded into the 73 acre parcel between Oakey, Charleston, Main Street and UPRR tracks. We believe this naked expansion of gaming and the already-decided stadium project will not only destroy (wipe out) the ARTS DISTRICT but also the surrounding neighborhoods. This includes John S. Park, Glen Heather, Scotch 80s, McNeil Estates and others, since traffic in the area will be GRIDLOCKED. Although there will be no opportunity to testify at the hearing, we need to let this Panel know that gaming is not the great panacea, especially when neighborhoods are this severely impacted. Please, please, please carpool and bring others with you and attend this WEDNESDAY's hearing. 555 E. Washington 2nd floor. State of Nevada Building. Call our attorney, Chuck Gardner 4336758 or myself 3679905 if you have any questions. Thanks.

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