Friday, July 20, 2007

As we do most every Thursday after work.....

We went downtown to the "Downtown Cocktail Room" for their ever growing LO-PRO mixer. It's a happy hour for Local Professionals, and everyone is invited. Low Price drinks, a free mini-buffet of snacking foods, good company, lots of "urban core" neighbors.

And then, we took a walk into the new "FREMONT EAST entertainment district, which PACO started telling us about a few weeks ago. They're just finishing the new paving and wider sidwalks, and installation of a few new pieces of the NEON MUSEUM. (maybe we can get Paco to tell us the story and some more about the Neon Museum, since he was the first Curator, and one of the movers that actually made it a reality).

We're reminded of 6th Street in AUSTIN TEXAS, which is one of the great music districts of the world.

We grabbed a picture inside the Griffin, which opened a few months ago. Stunning brickwork and conversation fire pits. Check it out sometime.

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