Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cocktails at SUNRISE VILLAS 9

I helped Gary pick a dreadful "lipstick on a pig" beige on beige townhouse in Sunrise Villas 9 about 3 years ago. It's not the same property now, and I even checked the assessor records. YES, it's the same address I sold him, but it's certainly not dreadful, now.

Here's what can be done with a great handiman (Daryll, who many of you met at the party, or should have, anyway.) and a great eye for color, style, and detail.
Gary mixes some mean Margaritas, and plied them on a small lively crowd of VVV residents from downtown, Braewood Heritage, Sunrise Villas, and Daryll and his hysterical wife Jackie. Jackies REAL name, which she still uses is......Jackie Kennedy. I need a vintage pill box hat for her birthday present. Anyone able to help?
I can't believe I can still type this morning.

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