Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Susan Saga (Chapter 2)

The other day we started the saga of Susan (and her husband Steven, who I haven't met, talked to or anything) and her upcoming move to Vintage Vegas.

Well she came thru abundantly with pictures of the Spokane home they'll be selling. She's going to be looking for a much smaller version, with a pool. Anyone with a lead or clue for something she'd like, that isn't already in the MLS, let me know.

Susan is starting one of the CRITICAL steps in selling a house. She's not just going to put it out there warts and all. Susan had the home inspected FIRST, and lo and behold found out she's got a mold problem, which is much more common everywhere else in the world than it is here in the desert. (I'm going to do a post on the subject soon) I'm sure that having the eventual BUYER's inspector find it would Sabotage any deal.

She's also going to do some painting, SERIOUS cleaning, window washing, landscape manicuring, pack up every single thing in the home that isn't used everyday. Why she was compulsed to deal with the trombone first I have no idea.

When it goes on the market, it will be ready for someone to buy, because they can imagine THEIR lives in the home instead of Susan's. And they'll be confident that it's a home worth buying.

In the case of the last 3 listings of mine, all of which sold in less than 15 days. there was AT LEAST a few weeks of PREP TIME, MEETINGS and DISCUSSIONS about what HAD to be done, what should be done, and also very important....WHAT SHOULD NOT BE DONE, to get the home ready for sale.

Each of those 3 set new upward benchmarks for pricing, and reset the valuations for their particular size, shape, style and location. PRE-marketing preparation does work. If you don't believe me, just let me show you some of the homes for sale that have sat on the market for MANY MONTHS more than they had to.

Susan's in for a shock when she gets here, because most of the homes that I'll be showing her have had NONE of the pre-marketing prep work done, and in fact there will probably be some dirty underwear soaking in the bathroom sink when we get there to show them. Fortunately, dirty underwear is rarely conveyed as a fixture of the house.

Susan's bathroom will WOW the vintage home buyer who will fall in love with her home. I know it won't be offending them.

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Rebecca said...


Is there any good *emphasis on good* way to find out if your neighbor is getting ready to list their property? I ask because my neighbor has had some property-investor-looking types by his house (which is in a state of some disrepair). My interest is kind of obvious: I don't really want speculators and their short-term renters moving in. Any tips? Thanks!