Monday, July 23, 2007


We continue to explore the undiscovered neighborhoods of "Francisco Park". By undiscovered, I mean they haven't started to turn desirable YET. Undiscovered requires that they be adjacent to neighborhoods that are well on their way to gentrification. Neighborhoods change. It's a fact of real estate. Location almost always drives the transition. Unique, charming, architecturally significant and other factors can drive it as well.

In the case of "Fran Park", ALL of the above mentioned elements are in play. All of the 5 groupings we'll be discussing are no further from the strip or downtown or airport or UNLV and most of the jobs than any of the other "cool, hip, close, vintage, desirable, hot, neighborhoods that we've been reporting on and promoting for all these many years. The architecture is MID-CENTURY MODERN. The yards are big! The potential is huge!

Group 2 in Fran Park look a lot like the duplexes but are single family homes. Group 2 is also between St. Louis and Sahara, going east from 15th Street to the east side of 17th street. There's a very few really nice homes scattered thru out, but mostly it's clusters of run down, poorly maintained, and often butchered properties. For some reason, Pardee skipped 1955 and all the Group 2 homes we're talking about today show as having been built in 1956. There were 127 homes altogether. Construction was cinderblock, with exposed block both inside and out. Roofs were flat or slightly pitched flat roofs. Ceilings were vaulted in the living rooms and kitchens. The smallest homes were 1 bathroom starting at 975 sf, and the largest was 4 bedroom, 2 bath up to about 1400 sf. Many of them have had bad additions added, some have really out of character second stories, but there's some great originals left also.

These last 2 pictures are from one of the "for sale homes. It's bank owned, and listed for 225,000. It's a 3/2 with carport and a 7200 sf lot. There's been some remodelling done, but theres PLENTY of room for improvement.

Currently there are 4 homes for sale between 225k and 260k, and the 2 that are under contract were priced at 210k and 230k.

Take a drive and take a look. Great location, and great potential.

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