Monday, July 23, 2007

junk yards

Since a reader asked in the comments for us to also show the worst homes when we cover a neighborhood.......

I present to you the worst of the Fran Park disasters. Most of the homes need some landscape and paint to make them presentable from the curb, but these, on the other hand, need the county or city to intervene.

FOR BOTH THE COUNTY (455-4191) and the CITY OF LV (229-6615) THE CODE ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM IS COMPLAINT DRIVEN. They'll drive right by these properties, and not say or do a thing until a neighbor complains.

For both the county and the city, you can make a complaint anonymously (HINT HINT)

2, 3, 5, and especially 10 years ago, there were messes like these all over John S. Park, Huntridge, Marycrest, Paradise Palms, and many of the other neighborhoods that we now brag about.

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