Monday, July 23, 2007


We were pleased to see HUGE crowds under the canopy of the Fremont Street EXPERIENCE, when we went roaming around Fremont Street East Entertainment district as I reported week.

And even more pleased to discover the new logo, "over the top VINTAGE VEGAS".

We of course, are down on the ground VeryVintageVegas. And OUR Vintage Vegas is about the people who live here, and our neighborhoods and our history, and folklore, and the architecture and the convenience and all the other things that makes the urban core so much fun, and so much better than the suburbs.
Of course, things do do for tourists are ALSO THINGS TO DO FOR LOCALS. Check it out for yourselves!

We found out a minute after the light show ended that we'd stumbled onto a demonstration of OFF ROAD RACING VEHICLES. Much of the big crowd was there just for that, but certainly not everyone. We also noted that there were a lot of players at the tables and machines at the Fitz and 4Queens, which were the only casinos that we went into.

Everyone we saw was having a great time, dogs included!

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