Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It all started here...

Nation and Son Antiques in Kelso WA. (about 35min North of Portland OR.) Is responsible for my collecting habits. I grew up in my Mom's antique store and I caught the disease. When I turned 18 and moved away from home, I said " I don't want your OLD junk, I'm buying new furniture!" We all know that didn't last long, having the keys to the store, I would sneak in a take a few of my favorite pieces until I had nothing new left. Now we go to auctions and outbid each other.

My mom has been in the Antique business for about 30 years. She just expanded her store to almost 5,000 sf. I am am Very proud of her. Owning a business with your Mom/Best friend is a blast. I only wish she lived closer. She visits on buying trips to Vintage Vegas many times a year. After all what is Nation and Son, without the Son?

Check out Nation and Son Antiques if you are ever in the Northwest. Feel free to call and inquire, because we ship back and forth all the time.

Terry Nation (The best Mom)
Nation and Son 207 Allen St. Kelso WA 98626 360.425.0007

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Terry said...

glad to see you back. Where have you been