Thursday, July 5, 2007

leaded glass windows

We're trying to find someone experienced in the repair of leaded glass windows. The home owner tells me that the tenants aren't really sure how some body went so hard into the window, that it bent all the leaded framing, and broke one of the panes. I've heard that "non-story" a zillion times.
At least the homeowner is trying to save them instead of replace them. The tenants are on their way out, and the home will be on the market after some more cleanup of a few other tenant outrages.
not "officially" on the market, but it has over 2000 sf, 2 master bedrooms, pool, and 3 fireplaces. The Price will be around 325k, and I have access prior to the listing if anyone is curious.

I googled "leaded glass windows" but didn't get far, and certainly didn't get anything local. I did find a good explanation of where and how the designs originated, however, at


Anonymous said...

have the owner try Technicow Stained Glass and Supply on North Rancho Drive(515-6010). They may be able to help--

unclejack said...

Thank you, I'll pass it along and see what happens. Hopefully there's a story to blog on getting it done.