Thursday, July 5, 2007

Susan Saga (Chapter 4)

What to do?

Susan writes:
Well, I think they used to call it "dry rot"? I also think that there may be this current overreaction to somewhat common mold after the stories a few years back about having to wear haz-mat suits to go into the houses. This fear is, no doubt, driven by the insurance companies; we don't dare turn this in. They would red-flag the property, label it uninsurable, and we could never sell it. I still could not in good conscience sell a house that wasn't in what I consider good shape-- not that we've ever bought one! (My sister says one of my basic personality flaws is my "compulsive attention to detail!" Can be a bad thing, but also can be an asset!)
As you can see in the picture, the tiles are off the back of the shower wall. I'm working on the ones from the wall to the floor all around the room. I see now why someone would cut their crappy vinyl flooring around the edges of the edging tiles! They are not easy to get off! Sometimes I get one that surprises me, but rarely! The contractor wants to put in a tub, move the toilet over, and take out the sweet little wall heater. He says it will be cheaper. I want a 90-degree glass shower stall and leave everything else as is. Maybe more expensive, but I think nicer. What do you think? Should I grit my teeth to save money, and then have a buyer think it looks cheap?!
Today I got finger-printed, had my Nevada certification app notarized, sent verification-of-employment requests to all my prior schools, and mailed everything off. The window/siding guy came: We will replace the cracked double-pane window in the kitchen (It's really bad-) and the vinyl siding around the garage door that was hit too many times by teen-age drivers and looks like crap. We can do both for less that I thought a window would be. The painter came to do an estimate. Don't have it yet, but he just SOUNDS expensive-- may have to have the mother-in-law come up from Phoenix to help me paint! Tomorrow, I promise I will finish going through the stuff in the garage!!!
Your birds are sweet! I love watching the quail here, especially when there are babies, wander across our backyard. My raspberries are coming on-- I'll bring some when I come! Thanks for letting me ramble on--

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