Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Speaking of HUNTRIDGE

I pulled into the unfortunately closed Circle Park to snap a photo of the building I mentioned just below. While there, I snapped these on the historical monument sign from the LV Centennial.

The text reads:

"Las Vegas' first tract subdivision, the Huntridge neighborhood was erected between 1941 and 1944 on land purchased in the 1920s by international businessman Leigh Hunt. After his death in 1931, Hunt's widow sold off large chunks of the land. In December of 1941, the developers announced plans to build a subdivision, graciously naming it Huntridge in Hunt's honor. The modest traditional style homes rented for $50 per month with an option to buy for $5000. The Huntridge neighborhood, loved for its generous lots, curving tree-lined streets and front porches, is one of the oldest intact neighborhoods in Las Vegas."

It's really worth a minute to study the 1944 aerial shot, and the night scene (click on any picture in VVV to see it full screen)

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