Monday, July 30, 2007

Luv-in it Late Night

Did you know about one of the Icon business in the heart of Vintage Vegas? Luv-it frozen custard is a family owned shop on Oakey Ave. and Las Vegas Blvd. It's been there FOREVER, and based on the line at the window every night, it'll be around forever more.

We stopped in Saturday Night after seeing the Simpson's Movie (spider pig... spider pig... yes we're still singing it in our head).

We always run into people we know, or have a chance to meet some neighbors. It's as much a social thing to go get in line as it is a dessert thing. Check it out sometime.


Anonymous said...

Jack, it was something before Luv-it but right now I can't remember what. Maybe been Luv-it for around 30 years. It's where my brother cleans up the parking lot. MJ

StJudeMark said...

YUM! What a great place that we TRY not to visit more than once a month, because it is ADDICTIVE! My favorite item there is the Western Custard...ta DIE 4...