Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mid-Mod Living Room

We love it! Not just the great Mid-Mod decor, but also the fact that we didn't take this picture. One of our readers, Diane Bush handed us a couple prints of their cool collection.

Diane is also in the business of selling Vintage Clothing. If you would like to talk to Diane about a hot new (old) wardrobe to match you your hip Vintage home, shoot us an e-mail or better yet comment, and well connect you!

Our friend Dan from New Jersey also sent us some great pictures of the Mid-Mod architecture back East & we'll be sharing some of our favorites with you soon. We love to see more and more of you sharing your Very Vintage experience with the rest of the community.

What we're doing here is really is all about people who "get it" coming together and while we collect all the cool stories, pictures, etc. we can; we're officially still only a small group of full + time lovers of the reVival. Thank you so much to all of our readers for your comments, e-mails, pictures & stories! We really are re-building an amazing community in Vintage Las Vegas!

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Susan said...

How cool is this?! My seventeen-year-old says, "That's tight!" I'm jealous---