Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Susan Saga (Chapter 7)

Tuesday, Susan wrote us:

Progress, or lack thereof--
Yesterday the contractor bathroom guy came. We thought he was starting "demo," but no. He is doing this on the side, as a favor to Katie, the Realtor. He will start Thursday night and hopes to be done by Sunday. I, of course, will be gone. Steve wishes we had planned this better, but who can PLAN things like this! In the meantime, I have been assigned the job of making sure all the materials are here when he starts. When I called Lowe's about the shower enclosure we want, they said it would be 2-3 weeks. The manufacturer is in Seattle, so I will call in the morning and see if we can't get it directly from them-- expedited! I made a detailed list of things to buy and will do that first thing in the morning.

Today I spent all my time in THE ROOM. I have begun referring to it as "The Coal Mine," and belt out my rendition of the song on my way down the stairs! If I could give anyone advice, it would be: Do not just throw stuff in a box since you're just moving down the street, thinking that you will go through it later-- you won't. And if you think you will find the other pieces of the kids' puzzles/toys/games-- you won't ever do that, either!
Best Friend Nancy is coming in tonight from San Jose. ( Nancy and I will win next year's History Hunt!) She is ruthless when it comes to getting rid of STUFF and will be a great help for the next three days.

Oh, John is better-- I think!-- after reading your response to my lament. He smiled and said, "We'll see--" When he left today, he did point out that the houses I showed him look like ours, so maybe I WILL be okay!
Hope to have lots to report tomorrow! Off to pick up BFNancy!!

On Tuesday, we got this further update:

Yea! I got my CCSD contract packet today! This is really going to happen! Of course, I don't have time to go through it and won't until I get on the plane on Thursday!
Best Friend Nancy and I worked our butts off! This morning was a visit to Lowe's-- very frustrating. I like to go someplace, do my business, and leave. The "customer service" people were slow, inept, and basically incompetent. I did get a bright young man to order the shower enclosure. It won't be in for 2-3 weeks, but EVERYTHING else can be done, like the tiling, plumbing, etc.

We then tackled THE ROOM (Yes, still!) Nancy made huge bags of Goodwill stuff and we dropped them off. As she says, "If it will only bring fifty cents, why bother?" She is ruthless. As she pointed out, if we're going from 3700 square feet to probably 1500 square feet, that means that we have to rid ourselves of 70% of our STUFF. (Nancy is very smart!) We didn't finish, but will tomorrow. Then we took to stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom and are almost finished. We got tired and decided to kick it out tomorrow. All-in-all, a pretty productive day. We laughed hysterically at times and sniped at each other a lot!

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