Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Rexford:

One of the best mid-mod apartment buildings in town is actually a "CO-OP". That is, you don't own your unit. You own a share of the corporation that owns the building, and each share comes with the right to use a designated unit.

Except for it's architectural beauty, I've never paid it much mind, but I've had 2 people ask me about it recently, so I've had to do some homework. I'm impressed. Only 22 units, age restricted, all wrap around the center pool.

And then there's the windows! Long and graceful in the living rooms. In the bathrooms and kitchens they're jaolosy type, except the panes are fixed and the bottom "shelf" of the middle slanted window opens downward to let in the fresh air. I've never seen anything like them EVER.
The Rexford graces the corner of Oakey and Rexford, one block east of the strip. Hard to miss, and hard to forget.

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