Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Susan Saga (chapter 8)

Susan finally sent some pictures of "the room", which, in case you're coming in late is huge basement area of her home in Spokane. We've been publishing her emails to us, and you can read them all in one place by clicking in the LABELS link at the bottom of this post.

And in the "two birds" category, that finally gives us a picture of Susan (on the left) her best friend Nancy from San Diego, and MandyBelle, the basset. Someday we'll make a playdate and all take the beagles and bassetts and any any one elses dogs, to the dog park at Jaycee Park.

Susan writes:

My Dear Uncle Jack--
The ROOM is finally finished! It is 24 x 14, which should put this in perspective. I have unpacked and dumped boxes that were from fifteen years ago! I swear this will never happen again! Thank God for Nancy! We took a lot to Goodwill and sent a lot to the dump. We packed the stuff to be saved. It was really hard. I threw away kids' stuff and parted with many books. (Steve was a history/MBA major, and I am an English major, so you can just imagine what has to be parted with.) We actually turned down an offer to go out for drinks with an old friend from Sacramento! We were totally wiped out!
Question for you: Can we use your camera while I'm there, so Steve can take pictures of the bathroom progress?

Note from Uncle Jack:

Susan is flying to Las Vegas today, and I have to get busy again. BOTH of the top 2 homes she was anxious to see WENT TO CONTRACT in the last 3 days. The best houses, that are priced right are still selling in 30 days or less. Overpriced houses never will.

We'll be telling about the houses she sees, her decision (yet unmade) as to whether to rent here until the Spokane house sells, or to go ahead and buy now, and sell later.

Though we brag a lot about "big lots" compared to the suburbs, Susan is coming from over 1/2 an acre, (as you can see in the original photos in chapter 2). Everything depends on your perspective. People from Kansas think housing in Vegas is grossly expensive. People from California NEVER say that.

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