Wednesday, July 11, 2007

VVV supports Imperial Spa

There Imperial Spa is the proposed multi faceted full service Health and Beauty Spa that's currently under construction on Sahara Ave. There are a variety of zoning variances that they need to obtained, and the city council is hearing the final request today. and it's creator and sponsor, Jack LeVine has been at the forefront of creating and reporting change in the downtown and southeast side of Las Vegas for many years. Sometimes we see the "law of unintended consequences" at work. This is one of those times, as laws have been passed, which we wholly support, to stem the spread of "massage parlors" and other "adult" businesses from the industrial zones and into the commercial zones. Those same laws should not prevent other businesses from being painted and labeled with such a wide brush.

Nothing about the Imperial Spa strikes me as "massage parlor". I took a tour of the about to be stunning renovation of a once run down eyesore. Impressed is a very mild world to describe the quality of the fit and finish, the attention to detail in the construction and the sincerity of the developer in his presentation and tour for the Southridge Neighborhood Association.

An immediate neighbor of the spa is my client and friend Darlene Steljes of the Clinical Research Center. She and I have had ongoing discussions and lobbied the city for years to help us clean up the "Sahara Side Streets" which run northbound off of Sahara across from the Commercial Center. Darlene and all of the business owners, and tenants who I've talked to are supporting the Imperial Spa.

Homeowners who have expressed concerns had most of their concerns addressed, and most that I spoke with have had their fears relieved. There is a caveat to their support however, and I agree with them on the following point. Zoning variances need to have review processes that allow the city and Metro to take swift and severe action if, in the future, businesses like Imperial Spa turn out to be, or turn into the vary nuisance that they the neighborhood would have objected to in the first place.

I expect that every future client of theirs will get the same level and quality of service and cleanliness and legitimacy that they would receive at any of the multitude of spas at any strip resort or on any cruise ship. If it's something different than that, the city must have reserved the right to shut it down as soon as it's apparent.

Jack LeVine and the editorial staff of support Imperial Spa's request for zoning variance, and supports the city's review process and policing power for the future.

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Shannon said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make the meeting on Tuesday. How can we make sure there's a review process like you mentioned?