Monday, July 2, 2007

This is depressing because....

IT"S GONE!. I stopped at a home in McNeil that was being gutted. The lady told me she had just inherited it and was making it over to sell. She's just here for a week or two while new baths and kitchens were being installed by one of the famous big box home "improvement" stores.

She showed me a before picture of the hall bathroom, as she was so proud of her new "off the shelf" white countertop and vanity cabinet. She says she HATED it when she was a kid and couldn't wait to get rid of the ugly pink. Talk about "don't get it!"

I took a picture of the picture in macro mode and did a little photoshopping for posterity, but....

I'm still crying.


Anonymous said...

You and me both, Jack.
Fortunately I have a pink tiled powder room that is rimmed in dark green tile. Also another pink bath
room rimmed in maroon. The guest
bath is blue rimmed in teal and the basement is again blue rimmed in the maroon. The master bath is yellow tile rimmed with light green. All in perfect shape and I wouldn't dream of ever tearing out tile that is set in concrete and wire back. I think I get it! MJ

Susan said...

How very,very sad-- Original kitchens and bathrooms are what would sell a vintage house-- they're irreplaceable. You can always restore the other rooms, but you could never get your hands on what this woman just demolished. Brings tears to my eyes--