Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stunning Paradise Palms Mid-Mod (part 2, the interior)

Today we're treated to the inside of one of Paradise Palms great Mid-Mods. Yesterday we looked at their backyard private retreat. Enjoy!

(all photos at VVV are clickable to see them full screen)

Bright colors, Angular shapes, Open floor plans, Beamed ceilings, Floor-to-ceiling Windows, and fun furniture were all hallmarks of mid-mod. This home has it all!

Especially impressive are two of the elements. The rear polygon windows have been covered with a sunshade material since they face south, and the interior has a hand made scroll work cut from single sheets of plywood.

The gold on black mirrored walls and posts aren't actually mirrors, though I thought so at first, and so did the owners. It turned out to be a wallpaper with clear glass over the top. Looks fantastic and probably cost very little compared to mirror.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! These people should give lessons in how to bring back a Vintage home with the care and thought they've put into theirs! Stunningly beautiful. Good work!