Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stunning Paradise Palms Mid-Mod (part 1, the back yard)

A Paradise Palms regular reader sent us pictures of the interior and back yard of their personal Mid-Mod Masterpiece. I'm publishing the back yard today, and the interior tomorrow.

If we're going to save our neighborhoods it's important for us to also show the world the interiors and back yards. We invite our readers to share photos or to invite us over to take the pictures.

This is a great example of the wonderful Vintage Vegas homes in Paradise Palms. Enjoy!

And, they tell me the casino neon sign (which came from the Boardwalk Hotel) lights up the whole yard with a tourquoise glow at night!

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Susan said...

A drop-dead gorgeous home! The owners have done a fabulous job keeping VintageVegas intact! They truly do "get it"!