Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vacant lot finally gets a house

There's a very few vacant lots in Vintage Vegas, but "infill" is starting to take care of it. Unfortunately, the builders haven't looked around to see what neighborhood they're building in.

This one will be pretty (in a suburban sort of way) I'm sure, but it won't look like it belongs in the neighborhood. It's in the framing stage at Monterey and Exley, in the up and coming neighborhood of "Metropolitan" which sits between Sahara and St. Louis, just west of Eastern Ave.

Here's a good example of the homes that will surround this new piece of "infill".

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Anonymous said...

Well, my home is rambling ranch built in 1951 and my neighbor to the east built in 1990, a sort of middle eastern castle. The house that was on the west side of me was weeping brick like mine but it got levelled and since it's a large piece of property it will probably end up with several "new" looking homes. Time marches on. MJ