Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We've been sitting on this story

There are only questions at this point.

Paradise Palms is an important neighborhood in Very Vintage Vegas. There's plans afoot to turn the privately owned National Golf Course which sits in the middle of Paradise Palms into another high density housing tract. There's a HUGE impact on Vintage Vegas.

The developers will get a fight from the neighborhood, and there's a meeting tonight at the Las Vegas Country Club to get the neighborhood organized. The meeting is at 6pm at the clubhouse, which you get to from the NORTH Joe W. Brown (Swenson) gate.

I've discussed this many times with Chris G, the county commissioner, as well as with many of the home owners.
The Story made this mornings SUN, so I'm just going to link to the article here and I will give my opinion and commentary tomorrow after the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

what's up, uncle jack? dying to hear the outcome of last nights meeting...this neighborhood is my favorite in all of las vegas,it would criminal to develop that course! anything we can do to stop it? my heart is breaking:(