Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2 more VVV neighborhoods

Horizon Park and Paradise Manor are adjacent neighborhoods on the south side of Desert Inn, East of Pecos (not Pecos McLeod, which still confuses me after 25 years).

Horizon Park was built between 1964 and 1968. There were 144 homes on mostly 7000 to 8000 ft lots, (though a few went as high as 11000 sf). The original floor plan sizes were 1265 to 1600 sf, but once again, many have had additions added, or garages converted. Current prices are in line with the recent sales between 250,000 and 300,000.

Paradise Manor, which is adjacent, but to the south of Horizon Park, were bigger homes, starting at 1400 sf up to almost 3000 sf. The lot sizes were also mostly in the 9000 to 10000 sf range.
The first phase on El Camino Real, which is one of the few streets in Las Vegas with an Island, were built in 1963, but as these were semi-custom the 141 homes didn't get finished until 1971.
Current prices run from 275k to about 350k.

Mostly they are very well kept, well landscaped communities, and both get an "almost there" rating from us.

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Anonymous said...

When I was young,(back around 1965,
I was 19) I so wanted to live in a house on El Camino Real. We just could not afford it. Eventually we were able to afford a nice home on So.16th St. in 1968.
Around 1990 I again had the opportunity to look at the home I had wanted in 1965. It was somehow smaller than I remembered but I do think that is a nice heighborhood and worth consideration for someone
wanting a nice sized home on a nice
sized lot.