Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Zap Paradise MEETING this Friday

Anyone interested in the new Zap Paradise Project is invited to a meeting at the Paradise Community Center, (McLeod, just north of Tropicana) on Friday 8/3 NOON.

Zap is an "arts in the street" project to commission local artists to paint the utility boxes on major streets.

The Zap Winchester project, which we've reported on before is a huge success and adds lots of color, history, humor and interest to Desert Inn and Pecos Mcleod etc.

Expanding this project onto Maryland Parkway, Flamingo etc, will be terrific. Volunteers as well as artists are welcome to attend.

(click on the Zap label to see our previous posts on the subject)


Shannon said...

The Zap project is wonderful, and I would love to see it expanded onto Maryland Pkwy.

Anonymous said...

Question. What will we do if these wonderful artworks get painted over by grafitti? There is a green box at the corner of Bracken & 15th St. that I would love to see art work on but it gets covered with grafitti so often that I would be afraid. What do you think? MJ