Thursday, August 2, 2007



Baker Park, 1100 E. St. Louis (just west of Maryland Parkway.

Bring the kids, walk the dog, or just plain old get out of the house in the evening!

Live entertainment; games; prizes; balloons; meet and greet LVMPD OFFICERS, Councilman Reese, and other city staff.

National night out is an annual event in cities all over America. It's a party, but it's also a great way to meet neighbors, Metro officers, City Planners, Councilman Reese, neighborhood association presidents etc. (and of course, I'll be there, so if we haven't met, you can find me and say hello.)

This event is co-sponsored by the City Neighborhood Services, and the Southridge Neighborhood Association. If you didn't know there's voluntary associations for different neighborhoods, and that you can get involved to make things better, then this is a great time to come out and see one in action.

I founded the Southridge Neighborhood Association 2001 and was it's President for 3 years. I'm particularly proud of it. But there's lots of them and some are better organized and active than others. Maybe you can help, too.

The City has a neighborhood planner that specifically works with the various NA's. He's Franklin Simpson, and if you have questions, or want to get involved you can call him at 229-6269

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