Friday, August 3, 2007

A business you should know about

The HOUSE OF BREAKERS at 1319 Commerce St. (S of Charleston) is the only place in town to find obscure circuit breakers for our Vintage Vegas homes.

Most anything installed after about 1980 can be picked up at Lowes/HD, but what about the older or obsolete, or company went out of business ones?

Talk to Carlos or stop in. The phone number is 437-0437. He saved our butts today when we shut off the power to a house so we could add a roof top shut off on an air conditioner that didn't have one. Of course, as soon as we shut off the main breaker, it decided to die and refused to turn back on again.

I called Al the Electric Doctor 260-1341 who got the part and got it replaced in no time flat, thanks to the House of Breakers.

Now you know!

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