Friday, August 3, 2007

Susan Saga

It's been a few weeks since we reported on Susan's progress. You'll remember that when she left Vegas after 4 days of school business and house hunting, she realized that a townhouse with a garage, and little or no yard work to do would be best for her. Braewood Heritage or Heritage Sq. South seem to be the 2 neighborhoods she'll end up buying into.

She rented a month to month studio to hang her hat once school starts, and will hang there until the house sells in Spokane. Getting her home ready to sell has been the big challenge, but it will pay off in more money or a quicker sale. Susan, like so many of us, has not had a great time finding a contractor to do the bathroom work.
Today, we got an update from her, and I share it with you.

Susan wrote:
As I write this, you are either getting ready to go or you're there already. I WANNA GO, TOO!!! I will, too, in two weeks! I have been working non-stop. Steve and I did our speed-run to The Dalles (nine hours round-trip) on Tuesday, and I got quite a few things for my hovel. The back storm door is now replaced (Someone had cut out the bottom for a doggy-door and then duct-taped it back!). The light fixture in the pink bathroom has been replaced, and the garage lights now work. The broken kitchen window has also been replaced, as well as the vinyl surround around the garage door. (It was hit too many times by teenage-boy drivers!)

We got our first genuine contractor bid for the bathroom-- $8,000. I'm sure it would be perfect, and it should be for that! We're waiting for the second, hopefully lower, bid. We will have contracted with a contractor by Sunday. I just wish we hadn't had to waste valuable time with the previous goof-offs.

Getting ready to go, though! There's a growing pile of things to take in the living room. And Goodwill will love their dozen large bags! Tomorrow Teddy , my neighbor, and I will get everything ready for Saturday's garage sale. I will take pictures--

Have, or I hope you had, a drink for me! I could use one right now!


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