Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busing students to the old Gorman High School

Gorman is gone to Summerlin, along with all the students and their cars. But the School District has bought it, and it's going to be a magnet school for 9th graders, all of whom will be bused to school.

Someone at the school district decided (with zero consultation with the city or with traffic engineering) to have ALL the buses enter and exit the old student parking lot from Oakey.

The gate on Oakey is only about 50 feet from the light, it's only 3 lanes wide altogether, and it's GOING TO BE A NIGHTMARE. (or at least a morning and afternoon mare)

The school district folks and Gary Reese, and Chris G and the traffic engineers all met on Thursday morning to address concerns.

CCSD has agreed to put another gate onto 11th street, and to pay for creating a left only lane at Oakey going east, and there's pressure on them to build a walk way over Maryland Parkway to keep the kids from having to cross a 6 lane main drag.

They're going to reassess after 2 weeks of school and see what's not working and what is.
If you have comments or suggestions, I suggest we email them to Gary Reese, the ward 3 councilman.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I hope and pray in all their "studying" they notice that the light at Maryland & Oakey is totally set for north/south traffic only and that those going east and west on Oakey have to wait forever and then the light lasts a very short time. This will
definitely be compounded if there are 60 foot long school buses in the midst. This is ridiculous. It
seems they think that this area is a dropping ground for the problems
that no one else wants to deal with. Speaking of which, when are they going to do something about Circle Park? I'll bey they wouldn't have closed a park in Summerlin. I have spoken up on this but no ones seems to care. Feel free to E-mail Gary with my comments. He is aware of them and maybe if some others would comment on the fact that millions of dollars were spent on Circle Park only to have it closed and cause us not only to lose the most historic park in this city but also to drop surrounding home values when a buyer sees the "Park closed" signs. What are they thinking? Are they thinking???MJ