Saturday, August 11, 2007

Everywhere I look

Today, the home we've been watching at 15th and Oakey started to get some new block wall to create a front courtyard. (It's across Oakey from our new listing)
Wes Isbutt from the Arts Factory is putting this home back together, slowly but surely.
He's also working on one at the corner of 15th and Bracken. It's getting new walls also, and the house has been scraped down and paint prep work is well under way.

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Anonymous said...

As far as the "scraping down",that is defacing an original weeping brick home and I for one would never do that. Of course I like things to remain as original as possible. It was the previous owners who destroyed this home and hopefully Wes and his partner will do what they can to make it liveable. It will NEVER again be what it once was and that is a shame but as I have said before, time marches on (and on and on and on).MJ