Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A great little party at National Night Out against crime

Uncle Jack and our favorite lifelong downtown resident Mary Aldeman (She's the one who comments all the time as MJ, and she wishes others would comment more also). There's still some little kid left in these old bones.

It started slowly, but by dusk we had a hundred or more neighbors show up. Michael Hanraty and his band performed on stage, all the kids (including me) got a real thrill out of crawling around in a fire engine, and petting the horses from the Metro Mounted Unit. Baker Park has a terrific view of the strip, and great playground equipment.

We talked to ward 3 councilman Gary Reese, and the new interim fire dept. captain as well as the Metro's Captain of the Downtown Area Command, Will Minor. They'd really like to see some more participation in the First Tuesday Metro get togethers for residents to discuss their police issues. I'll publish the schedule soon.

Next year, we plan to do a MAJOR event for all the neighborhoods with much better publicity. Special thanks this year to Southridge Neighborhood Association, Tony Romas and Marie Calandar's at 6th and Sahara for the food, and to Councilman Reese and Metro and the CC fire department for their participation.

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Anonymous said...

Jack, I got a great picture of you there. Enjoyed the party. The company, the music and the food were very good. So was the exercise
on the swings. Since my bones are even older than yours, I need all the help I can get! MJ