Wednesday, August 8, 2007

L'octaine Apartments Downtown.

Ahh. Yes, I think it's finally time to leave Green Valley. I found exactly what I'm looking for and the price is just right! The building at 801 S. Las Vegas Blvd. sits on the corner of LVB & Gass, just North of Charleston. It's owned by Southeby's Realty, I believe & they are finishing up work on the real estate office space as we speak. Next door on the ground floor is a fun looking little restaurant called Potato Valley that is open Mon.- Fri. from 8am to 4pm.

On the other side of Southeby's realty is another low-rise entity owned by the same. It's a rent-controlled apartment building appropriately named L'octaine. It ranges from one to three bedroom units & a few very lucky residents (*cough* brian paco alvarez) have balconies or patios facing the Strip.

I understand it was built about 2-3 years ago, & yet the 'hot-mod' lines totally had me fooled. My application's already in as of this morning & I believe there's one more two bed unit, & 1 one bed unit still available as of this morning, if you're in the rental market.

I'm just glad to hopefully be soon where every thing's happening, instead of a half hour drive from it.

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Anonymous said...

It will be great to welcome you to the neighborhood. You'll find it so convenient that I doubt you'll ever want to live in the burbs again. Everything you need is avail
able and it's where the action is.
Congrats! MJ