Monday, August 20, 2007

If life's giving you lemons..... Make LEMONADE

This is a first in Very Vintage Vegas. It brought back lots of 1950's and 60's childhood memories for me. We used to do this in front of our home in Columbus Ohio when I was a kid. In fact, there was a lemonade stand just about every day in the summer in my neighborhood in front of one house or another.

Sometimes, we'd load it all into a little red wagon, and take it down the street to the intersection of the main road into the sub division where we could get double the traffic. We had a built in work force, as there were 5 of us. Joey, (the elvis impersonating clown of a littlest brother) was always used as the flagger. He was ham even as a child.

We found this lemonade stand on Oakey at 7th Street. I grabbed the picture, but was running late so I didn't find out if it was a fundraiser for a charity or club, or just entrepreneurial fun.

I'll have to check with my friend JB the MBA/CPA to see if the kids kept up with inflation. Does their 50 cents a cup have the same spending power as my 5 cents a cup did in 1960?

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