Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Italian American Club

One of the Icons of Vintage Vegas is the Italian American Club. It's a restaurant, and banquet hall, and bar, and hangout. They say in it's day it was quite the place.

We visited it last night for a going away party for some friends. It's the beigest place I've ever seen, and it's certainly showing its age. Located on Sahara a 1/2 block east of Eastern, it's definately worth a drive into the parking lot if not a table cloth dining experience.

The photos of past presidents go back to the early 60's. They're a real treat in themselves. Check it out sometime.

Some of the gossip I heard: The 5000 foot 2 story at the end of MARIE ELAINA Circle will be for rent soon. About 3500. a month. It's on craigslist, but will be in the MLS shortly. If you know someone interested in living on one of the most CLASSIC streets of all of Vintage Vegas, this might be a rare opportunity.


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that was Kathy Augustine's house but that's what it was. Before that owned by the Steinbergs.
Needs some sprucing up but a really
large, beautiful home. Do you know if they would be interested in selling at a reasonable price?

Anonymous said...

Where is it on Craigslist? Call me.