Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our "dump of the week" feature is back

But it's a real sad story of divorce and REALY BAD tenants and foreclosure, and denial. I had to turn down the listing, since there's only 6 weeks left till the trustee sale.

The sellers are out of town, haven't seen the property in 3 years, say it was "real nice" when they moved out 3 years ago and left it to a brother's ex girlfriend's ex boyfriend (or something like that) to watch over the property for them. Then they got divorced, and the husbands lawyer froze the accounts, and then the tenants stopped paying, but at least they finally ''moved" out last week, and then and then and then. Well, you get the picture, and a picture's worth a thousand words.

They think they're going to come to town for a weekend, clean the place up, and get it sold for top dollar before the trustee sale. They said that AFTER I emailed them these pictures. This is the difference between REALITY selling and FANTASY selling.

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