Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sometimes it's not worth "saving" a kitchen

When we find truly vintage kitchens or bathrooms, we ALWAYS encourage the owners to save and preserve them. But typical 70's and 80's style kitchens can be looking pretty drab now a days, and if you're upgrading, then you might as well make it look 21st century modern.

This is my friend and client Tom Rizzo's Tiburon Townhome. Darryl the handyman, did all the work with Tom doing the demo and the 1352 trips to home depot (that's his number, I merely quote). Darryl works exclusively for my clients and friends, as I seem to find him jobs almost every day. He's an excellent tile setter, cabinetry carpenter, ceiling fan installer, water heater changer, etc etc.

I consulted with Tom about all aspects of the kitchen remodel before he started, just to make sure he wasn't doing anything that HURT his value, and to make sure it met his livability needs.

The job got finished just in time for Tom to start back to school where he teaches video and filmmaking at one of the magnet High Schools.

And, I'll be doing a post on the Tiberon Townhomes in the next few weeks.

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Tom Rizzo said...

Hey Jack,

Thanks for the nice shout out. The project was a lot of work, but Daryl did a great job, I learned a few new skills, and now that it's done I'm really enjoying the new look.

By the way, I did ALL of my trips to Lowes on Eastern and Russell. (NOT home depot!) Armando in the kitchen department was fantastic! EVERYONE at the store was friendly and helpful, and that made the project that much easier to get through. I've posted a link here to my galleries so you can see more shots.