Friday, August 17, 2007

Our little "mixer" last night was a huge success

We found all kinds of Vintage Vegas notables last night at the Downtown Cocktail Room.

Richard Dashut joined us and got to meet Brenda Hughes from the city's office of Downtown Economic Development, and some of her staff. He also seemed to hit it off well, based on the long conversation he had with Jazz Singer and recording artist Mary Ellen Spann and her husband Steve Spann, who's a well known local artist with a gallery in the world market center.

Richard Hooker from Cultural Affairs office of the city told me Gary Reese is on board for our effort to create a "ZAP IN THE CITY" project. We've told you about Zap HERE

Trinity Schlottman joined the fun. He's the builder of the URBAN LOFTS at Maryland & Carson and Fremont & Bruce. They're getting a featured write up next month in the VURB MAGAZINE which will be mailed into Very Vintage Vegas on Sept.1 and can be picked up at the VURBSPACE in the Arts Factory this coming First Friday. (Their launch parties are always great, don't miss it). Pictured here is Amy Schmidt and Phil Hagen and Candice, the publisher and editor and staff of Vurb.

Susan Dean came out to party with us. She's all hustle and bustle getting ready to start teaching next week, but took a break to meet some of her "gonna-be-soon" neighbors. Mary Alderman, our favorite lifelong downtown resident got to share with her some of her great stories about growing up in LV in the 40's and 50's (WHICH SHE HAS PROMISED TO START POSTING FOR US)

We met Jeff Victor, President of the Fremont Street Experience. He told us their new marketing campaign will be based on the theme "THE REAL VEGAS". He's real excited to have the whole new Fremont EAST music and entertainment district as an additional draw for both LOCALS and Tourists. The official lighting ceremony is Friday 8/24 at 7pm. I'll be there, camera in hand.

Hopefully Heidi Swank, the UNLV professor and Beverly Green resident has forgiven me by now for calling her "Naomi". It was a Vodka and RedBull moment.

Uncle Jack's best friend Terry Wilsey, of AANSWERTRAVEL showed up to meet some of the neighbors. He's on Sego Glen in Winchester Township. (we're going to start talking about townships in a later posting). Terry's traveled most everywhere, which is a good thing for being a travel agent. He'll be a sponsor soon at VVV.

Brian "Paco" Alvarez mixed and mingled with everyone, including someone who went to middle school with him. He's real excited that he's going to have our own Steve Christmas as his new neighbor in L'Octaine at Gass and LVBS. (Steve knew he was at the right building when he noticed L'Octaine's address is 801 Las Vegas Blvd. - the same # as our listing on 801 Bonita [bought by Richard] that was just finally wrapping up a long escrow process when Steve put in his application).

Pam (who went to contract yesterday to buy one of the REXFORD COOPS) discovered that she'll share the #206 apartment number with Steve. They think that's a Karmic connection that means life's putting them in the right places. Just 'cause I lived in room #206 at the dorm at U of Cincinnati......

Anyway, the crowds at the LOPRO mixer on Thursdays continue to grow. It's a great place to meet lot of Vintage Vegas's residents, movers and shakers. Come out and join us any Thursday. You'll never know who you'll run into.

You are also welcome to come join us tomorrow, Saturday night around 10 pm at Downtown. Steve will be celebrating his birthday (technically 8/14) along with another amazing DJ friend of his, named Stephany who shares the same birthday with him! My the synchronicity continues! You just have to promise not to judge his professional abilities by his birthday celebrating persona. (there was another birthday party there earlier this year for a friend that involved a humorous red bull & vodka incident with the planters out front of DTCR.)

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