Friday, August 24, 2007

Rancho Sereno, a suburban look in a VERY VINTAGE LOCATION

What we jokingly refer to as "Very Vintage Vegas" is not only about the age of the homes, but also about the location.
There was still lots of land left to build on in the 70's that was still close to the action and could be considered downtown if we stretch our imaginations. Rancho Sereno was built between 1978 and 1983. For ALL practical purposes, it's in no better or worse of a location than McNeil or Scotch 80's, and we all know what we think of those locations!

Most of Rancho Sereno is accessed from Paseo Del Prado, which is one traffic light west of the Palace Station on Sahara. The neighborhood was cut off from access onto Rancho a few years ago, which orphaned about 20 properties with access only from Rancho Dr.
El Cortez Avenue off of Rancho Drive will take you into the orphaned group as well as "Rancho De Monaco" which we reported on earlier.

There's 2 types of home in Rancho Sereno. There are detached single family and there are Patio Homes. A Patio Home is like a duplex, but with 2 different for each side. All the homes, whether attached or not, have good sized backyards, 2 car garages, tile roofs, and an early Mediterranean flavor to them.

There are 5 homes for sale at the moment, ranging from $236,000 to $309,000
In the last 12 months, there have been 10 homes sold between $225,000 and $315,000.

There are people who like the VVV location (who wouldn't) but want a little newer of a home than our typical 40's, 50's and 60's homes that we all love so much. I always make sure that they know about Rancho Sereno in the Northwest corner of Sahara and Rancho, behind the US bank tower.

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